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Fabian Equey

I am a professional photographer and paraglider based in Verbier, Switzerland, who enjoys to travel to work with clients on different projects and in search for new ideas.


Specialised in sports photography, landscapes and outdoor activities, throughout my career I have gained technical experience in a variety of disciplines.

Whether in the water, tied to a rope on a cliff, or under my paraglider, I am comfortable working in challenging terrains and strive to take advantage of every moment to get the best out of each situation, in order to achieve results that meet my clients' expectations.

Through my deep interest in sports, such as paragliding, skiing, surfing, freediving, climbing and BASE jumping, I have acquired a unique perspective  of action photography that I try to share through my work.

I hope that this passion for sports and photography will lead us to collaborate in the near future on your most ambitious, or simple project in Switzerland and beyond.

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